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    • Where and how does Air Dolomiti distribute its products? GDS and Markets

      Air Dolomiti is on all the main GDS used by travel agents: Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo. 
      Our BSP distribution markets are: Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia.
      In the United States our products are available through US ARC.
    • What commission does Air Dolomiti offer on fares?

      Air Dolomiti (EN/101) became a participating ARC carrier with operational sales validity as of 1st November 2014 (PED 01/11/14).

      Agents in Italy receive a 0,1% commission in BSP on sales.
      For agents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Air Dolomiti offers a commission of 0%.

      In the United States Air Dolomiti distributes through US ARC and the commission is 0%.
      Standard practise is to nominate agents through a competitive process, however all ARC agents are automatically considered Air Dolomiti agents. Air Dolomiti accepts cash payments and Diners, UATP, Discover, Visa, American Express and Mastercard cards.
    • How can I request the Air Dolomiti plate?

      You can request the activation of the Air Dolomiti plate (EN-101) by sending an e-mail to unetcom@airdolomiti.it complete with the name of the travel agency and IATA code.
    • What fares does Air Dolomiti offer?

      Air Dolomiti offers 3 fares: Light* and Plus* in Economy Class, and Emotion* in Business Class.
      All Air Dolomiti fares are one way fares and can be combined to create round trip or double open jaw journeys.

      • Fare basis: it starts with the booking class and contains the words NO BAG  (e.g.: YNOBAG13)
      • Class: Economy
      • Baggage regulations: 1 piece of hand baggage weighing up to 7kg (55x40x20cm)

      • Fare basis: it starts with the booking class and contains the word BAG  (e.g.: YBAG13)
      • Class: Economy
      • Baggage regulations: 2 pieces of hand baggage weighing a total up to 10kg (55x40x20cm), plus 1 bag in the hold weighing up to 23kg.

      • Fare basis: it starts with the booking class and contains the word BUS  (e.g.: CBUS13)
      • Class: Business
      • Baggage regulations: 2 pieces of hand baggage weighing a total up to 10kg (55x40x20cm), plus 1 bag in the hold weighing up to 32kg.
       Please note, for all flights from/to TURIN and MILAN MALPENSA, click here
    • Are the fares subject to a surcharge?

      Yes, there is a surcharge (signaled by the letter Q in the fare calculation) of €25.00 per flight, which is automatically applied when calculating fares for flights from 00.01 am on Monday to 12.00 am on Friday.
      No surcharge is applied to classes N, K, R or O.
    • What classes do individual fares apply to?

      Emotion: F, A, J, C, D, Z, P, H, G, U, O and R 

      Plus and Light: Y, B, M, Q, V, W, S, T, E, L, K and N     

      For bookings in Economy class, passengers may choose the ‘Light’ or ‘Plus’ version and the input code of the quote will depend on what GDS is being used (Amadeus*, Sabre* or Galileo*).
    • How do I calculate the various fares?

      This depends on what GDS is being used: Amadeus, Sabre or Galileo

      • Light: FXB (BEST BUY)
      • Plus: FXP and then FXT01 to select the preferred fare
      • Emotion: FXB (BEST BUY)

      • Light: FQBB
      • Plus: A@#1 (segment no.) FQA and FF1 or FF2 (depending on which segment is preferred) (Input code A@#1 (segment no.) to view all the booking classes available at the booking stage.)
      • Emotion: FQBB

      • Light: WPNC
      • Plus: 1*C  and  WPPV (Input code  1*C  to view all the booking classes available at the booking stage.)
      • Emotion: WPNC
    • What Interline (IET) and Codeshare agreements does Air Dolomiti have with other airlines?

      Air Dolomiti has numerous interline and codeshare agreements with some of the world’s major airlines.
      See the list of current agreements below:

      Air Canada (AC-014)
      Air China (CA-999)
      All Nippon Airways (NH-205)
      Austrian Airlines (OS-257)
      BMI (BM-480)
      Brussels Airways (SN-082)
      Condor (DE-881)
      Eurowings (EW/104)
      Germanwings (4U/051)
      Hahn Air (HR-169)
      LOT Polish Airlines (LO/LOT 080)
      Lufthansa (LH-220)
      Scandinavian Airlines (SK-117)
      Siberia Airlines (S7-421)
      Singapore Airlines (SQ-618)
      South African Airways (SA-083)
      Swiss International Airline (LX-724)
      Thai Airways International (TG-217)
      United Airlines (UA-016)

      All Nippon Airways (NH-205)
      Air China (CA-999)
      BMI (BM/480)
      Lufthansa (LH-220)
      United Airlines (UA-016)

      Use the following input codes to check agreements in your GDS:
    • Are there reductions for certain categories of passengers?

      Reductions apply for the following categories of passengers: child, infant, senior.

      Reduction of 33% on the following fares: Economy from Q to Y (both ‘Light’ and ‘Plus’)
      Reduction of 33% on the following fares: Business from C to F
      If a child 12th birthday occurs during the journey (for example, he or she is under 12 on the outward flight, but over 12 on the return flight), then that child must pay the full adult fare from the day of his or her birthday onward. In other words, the child will benefit from a discount on the outward flight, but must pay the full fare on the return flight. Bookings must be made bearing in mind the age of the child when travelling.

      A reduction of 90% on the fare in all booking classes, in both Economy and Business class. 
      If the infant’s  2nd birthday occurs during the journey (for example, if the infant is less than 2 years old on departure and has another birthday before he or she flies home), from the day of its birthday, a seat must be booked for the child for the return journey. In other words, the fare for the outward journey will be charged as an infant fare, while the return journey will be charged as a child fare.  Bookings must be made bearing in mind the age of the infant/child when travelling.

      Passengers aged 65 upwards are regarded as ‘seniors’. 
      Seniors are entitled to a reduction of 20% on the fares for all bookings in Business and Economy class.
    • Does Air Dolomiti offer corporate fares?

      Yes, travel agents can offer discounts on business travel to companies through the Air Dolomiti corporate fare package.
      To activate our corporate fare package on your GDS, just phone our Indoor Sales office, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, on +39 045 2886130, or send an e-mail to indoorsales@airdolomiti.it
    • Can passengers check-in online?

      Yes, passengers can check-in online through the Air Dolomiti website: www.airdolomiti.eu up to 23 hours before take-off.
      They can choose the format of the boarding card: 
      a) as a printable .pdf  
      b) in digital format on an iPhone or Android device. 

      However, it is also possible to check-in, absolutely free of charge, at the Air Dolomiti check-in desks in the airport prior to departure.

      If there are any technical problems with online check-in, passengers can, in any case, consult the Air Dolomiti Sales Center and ask for help.
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